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Speakers School helped me with my confidence. 

I knew I had a voice, and now I know how to use it!

What's new?

What is Speakers School?

Created in 2008, New Directions Speakers School is a unique public speaking, or speaking in public, program which teaches public speaking and leadership and advocacy skills through raising awareness of social justice issues. The program is guided by the philosophy of addressing, overcoming and removing of barriers to participation and promotes and atmosphere of peer support and mutual aid.

This free 14 week course runs twice a year teaching public speaking and leadership skills in an environment of peer support and within the context of education in social justice issues; guest speakers present on issues relating to disability, poverty and unemployment. The training consists of exercises focusing on effective communication, public speaking and group facilitation combined with substantive lectures on social justice issues and other related topics presented by community trainers. Speakers’ School also coordinates and facilitates monthly meetings of the alumni who wish to continue developing their skills and broadening their knowledge once they have graduated from the school.

What do we do at Speakers’ School?

Participants learn how to craft speeches and deliver them in order to share their stories and advocate for causes that are important to them. To learn more click here.

The class takes place for 3 hours one day per week for 14 weeks. Classes time/dates to be determined. Supper is included. This program is free.

Who is eligible to apply?

People facing any of these types of challenges: low income, unemployed, injured workers, living in poverty, disadvantaged, person with mental health, addictions issues,  dealing with discrimination, dealing with racism, economically or socially challenged.

If you are interested to know more about us and what we do as well as to find out when the next class will be starting email

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